PLAY offers a wide range of fun, creative, structured and appropriately devised music classes for babies, toddlers and children, as well as instrumental/vocal music lessons for all ages. Based on the Kodaly, Orff & Dalcroze methods, the aim of PLAY is to nurture musicians.

Our teachers focus on the holistic development of each student as an individual musician. The methods used are helping our students to become musically literate and to develop reading, listening and creative skills, rare endeavours in today’s music education. We instil practicing habits gradually and constructively, while continuously nurturing pupils’ innate impulse to express themselves.

10300433_1489555004595265_3700223475633347776_nIt is our aim to develop a communal music making, from our early kindergarten classes to the instrumental groups, orchestras, and choir. The philosophy behind it is both musical and social, and our end-of-term concerts is a great tool!