Untitled 2When we (who are we?) moved to East Sheen a few years back, we fall in love with the strong neighbourhood feeling. East Sheen had everything a young family would need; restaurants, food stores, pet shop, clothes, charity and furniture stores, library, pharmacy, cafes, an art yard with children classes and good schools. What seemed to be missing was a music school.

Being passionate about music education and having a strong feeling of community, we started teaching privately around the area. As we got more students, the need for a “home” for them to belong to, became greater. And since, we have both been teaching individuals and music groups of all ages for nearly a decade (in various institutions both in the UK and in Greece), it was time to form our own classes in our own beautiful neighbourhood.

Let’s PLAY some MUSIC then!

“When should my child’s music education start?”
Kodaly said that “a child’s  music education should begin 9 months before his mother’s birth.”

For the youngest ones (from 6 months onwards), we suggest our Kindergarten classes: Not the usual music playgroups, these are age appropriate, specifically structured and designed classes that are aimed to develop your child’s musical abilities. These classes are not meant to be drop ins, as each class progresses through the year.


Following that, we offer a wide range of individual lessons and group classes on instruments/voice and theory & composition. Furthermore, knowing the troubles students get with the scales, sight reading and aural tests during their grading exams, we encourage you to join our theory groups: they help them unlock their capabilities and understand the theoretical concepts behind their playing.

The multi-sensory approach used in our instrumental and vocal training ensures that the musical, technical, intellectual and emotional capabilities of the child are developed simultaneously.

“Who is a good musician?”
Kodaly quoted the composer Robert Schumann when he stated that a good musician should have a “well trained ear, a well trained hand, a well trained intellect and a well trained heart”.