(Contact us to learn more about each music class & lesson
and find here our Payment & Cancellation Policy)

Music Kindergarten (from 3 years old)
Toddlers (3-5 years old) [£60-80/term, 30 mins] on Friday (am)
(small groups – drop-ins not suggested)

Music Reception (from 4 years old)
Recorder Group [£60-80/term, 30 mins] on Thursday (pm) & Friday (am/pm)

Music Beginners to Intermediate (from 5 years old)
String (violin, viola, cello) Group [£60-90/term, 30 mins] on Wednesday (am/pm) and Saturday (am/pm)

Individual (1-to-1) Lessons
Wide range of Musical Instruments
(piano, violin, viola, cello, recorder, flute, horn, percussion)
Singing / Vocal
Theory & Composition on Friday (am/pm)

(Varying levels & styles) [£20-25/30mins, £30-37.5/45mins, £40-50/60mins]