Individual Lessons

“At what age does instrumental training begin?”

Instrumental training begins when the child is ready (usually between 5 and 7 years of age), and has expressed a strong desire to play an instrument. Children should normally have completed two years of kindergarten training, in the upper end classes, depending on age at entry.

It is essential, particularly in the early years that instrumental teaching is of the highest quality. These formative first years are crucial for the child’s future in music. Music literacy, the ability to read and write music, the ability to understand the theory behind, is developed through the use of Kodály ear training exercises and writing notation exercises. At the appropriate stage in their training, depending on the particular instrument, children begin reading standard music notation.

A variety of instrumental/vocal lessons are on offer, including piano, violin, flute, recorder and singing! These 1-to-1 lessons are strucutred according to the interests and aims of each individual student. Preparation for Grading, GCSE and other exams, as well as casual teaching is available to children and adults.

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