Music Kindergarten classes are taught in age specific groups, and are suitable for toddlers (1-2 y.o.) and preschoolers (3+ y.o.). There are special introductory baby groups for babies (6-12 m.o.). Babies and toddlers are accompanied by an adult.

The classes will introduce the basic music concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow, etc, always within the framework of developmentally appropriate songs, games and activities.

The background

Our music classes for kindergarten (Music Kindergarten) are taking the young children on a wonderful adventure through music, where their senses of pitch and rhythm are developed alongside the training of the inner ear. Our aim is to provide a set of experiences that will introduce music in a playful, calm and fun way. That will allow children to develop their personal response to music and will positively enhance all areas of their development. Learning music at a young age will develop the children’s creativity, which later will infuse in their (other) endeavours; it will free his imagination. Playing and learning through music will confirm their confidence and will teach them to express their emotions freely; they will also learn to work as a team and have fun!

All classes are based on the Kodály and Orff methods, incorporating a variety of musical activities. Using folk and specifically composed songs, with actions, call-and-response, memory and copying games, the children will gradually learn to associate the sounds heard internally with their written symbols and will be provided with the required foundation in order to progress to instrumental or vocal training.

Through these classes, caregivers will also learn to play and bond with their babies and toddlers, in a fun and relaxed environment through music. Each baby will experience an introduction to musical learning. Through our songs and games they will embody rhytmic and melodic patterns and start developing their musical listening.

The toddler & preschooler classes introduce different musical concepts – pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, character, form and style – in an enjoyable way through a carefully chosen repertoire and activities. Toddlers and children will develop core music skills through a variety of multi-sensory activities such as unaccompanied singing, rhythm, and listening games, movement to music, making and playing with tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, and listening to music, both live and recorded.

All learning is un-conscious in the early years and takes place in a playful manner with the emphasis on active music making and listening and enjoyment. However, important musical foundations are being laid which will be developed and expanded on in the classes for older children. In the older children classes we continue with a more advanced level of the described activities, as well as improvising and composing. These activities also develop concentration, co-ordination, language skills, self -confidence, and emotional wellbeing.