Theory & Composition

Theory & Composition classes are structured to cover the Grades (1 to 8) of the Associated Board Syllabus and are highly recommended for all children above the age of 6. Course content includes explanation, practice and homework, exam technique and entry for exam; it also contains the application of music theory concepts to create music, with the possibility of having the pupils’ compositions being performed in informal concerts. Acknowledgement is made of individual pupils’ learning curves and the importance of developing their abilities, self-esteem and motivation.

Even if the child has no intention of entering an exam (as it is only mandatory after grade 5 on their instrument), having theory lessons all the way through their instrumental training is really important. These lessons will help the student appreciate the concepts behind the repertoire he/she prepares, the scales and the aural exams that are part of the grading process. Theory lessons will help them understand what they are doing on their instrument and why, and they will progress in a much more confident and secure way.

A composition class is also available for those students wishing to explore the creative side of theory. This may be taken alone or in addition to a theory class. Composition will develop their inner hearing and creativity; it will give them a wider understanding of how music comes to be.

We also offer GCSE/ A Levels & International Baccalaureate tutoring and preparation classes.